This tool enables reseachers in corpus linguistics, discourse analysis, contrastive analysis and translation to retrieve tagged linguistic and textual information in more than one language.

The Browser draws on tagged texts from the comparable corpus, that is, blocks of texts which fulfil the same function in different languages: opinion articles in language A and in language B, meeting minutes in language A and in language B, among others.

The Browser software program supports secure and precise searches and analyses of different blocks of text as required. Its most salient features include:

  1. user interface which, along with optimal usability, enables the use of different blocks of text (corpus).
  2. technical characteristics which provide qualitative as well as quantitative information, as required.
  3. innovative tool, unlike parallel corpus browsers (texts in language A and their translations in language B) which are numerous, comparable corpora (texts in language A and texts with the same function in language B) are not.
  4. savings are assured in all bilingual research tasks where time and resources, human and material, are concerned.

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