PETRA 1.0 Semiautomatic application to assess the grammatical quality of general english translations into Spanish.

Petra 1.0 is a semiautomatic application designed to assess the grammatical quality of general English translations into Spanish, both fiction and non-fiction.

It is a user-friendly application with a highly intuitive interface. The grammatical assessment that it provides is based on the analysis of a number of grammatical units called ‘anchors’ (Rabadán 2008, 2010, 2011). This analysis operates in two different ways as follows:

  1. A quantitative analysis measures the frequency of occurrence of certain anchors, which is statistically different in translated texts compared with native Spanish.
  2. A qualitative analysis clarifies the contextual use of another series of anchors to establish whether there are significant differences in the use of these anchors in translated Spanish as compared with native Spanish.

premio_318-2075  PETRA 1.0 has been awarded the first prize in the 4th edition of the Prototypes Contest organised by the University of Leon in 2013.

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